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Choosing your career while you’re in school, really makes you think about what you should do to make money in the future. I’ll be honest as much as I love the fact that I want to write more books after this one, and get them all published. I also understand the complications of it all, and how difficult it is to live off being a writer if you don’t by some miracle only write best sellers. I have a story to share. Back in the 8th grade, I remember my friends and I being required to have a meeting with a teacher who would give us advice on how to achieve the career we wanted, whether we should major in it, or if we should way out our options. When I told her I wanted to be a writer, she said, “you’ll be happy and penniless”. That’s something I can never accept. I know there’s no definite chance you’ll become a best-selling author, especially with the way everyone’s self-publishing nowadays, but it’s not impossible. Regardless I decided to have a backup plan, even though I still want to publish a series of mine, I still want to make a decent income. So I chose to learn how to write blogs. I decided to start out by building my first website through word press for a decent price. I still haven’t developed a huge subscription, but in all fairness, I don’t post often or promote as much as I planned, and I’m still learning how to master Pinterest. Even though blog writing has no bounds, you still need to learn how to write as if you’re talking to a friend. In order to become a reader’s trusted writer to turn to, when they need to learn a new recipe, or maybe you have an article about cheating. Like this one of mine that has the most views from any of my published work at about 9.8K:

I tend to write articles based on topics I have first hand knowledge on. Especially when it comes to beauty. I remember for society19 they had me write a lot about makeup and haircare, for example:

Link: Haircare

Link: Makeup

Writing about beauty came naturally to me. A skill that plays a big part in blog writing would be, learning how to read people in day-to-day life. This is explained more in the article, “Literacy and the Politics of Education” by C. H. Knoblauch, when he expresses this as meaning of functionalist literacy. He also explains liberal literacy, which teaches you personal growth, and basically how to find your voice. Something I feel I have found, although every day that I write I find my voice more and more. I believe writing is important, even if you don’t have an interest in blogging, learning how to write and doing it often is insightful. According to the article Knoblauch says, “As language distinguishes man from animal, so writing distinguishes civilized man from barbarian” as brutal as the quote sounds it basically means that learning how to write and gaining that sense of literacy, deems you more intelligent, and overall you’re more well rounded person because of it.

Diving more into my experience with writing, I have mainly written for small companies. The best thing about writing for websites like this, is regardless of the fact that it’s unpaid there’s a better chance of one on one help. Also because it’s much easier to get published with these kinds of sites I know have almost 100 published articles under my name. Something that will benefit from when It comes to building my resume. Something that’s also helped me is building my own blog site through wordpress, where I cover articles I pitch on sex, health, relationships, and beauty.

Link to my blog site:

Surprisingly, regardless of the fact that I focus on being a beauty and relationships blogger, my most popular article on my blog is a health article, here’s the link:

When I made my blog site I was able to focus on articles that came from my own experiences. As quoted from “The application of Blog in English Writing” by Di Zhang, he says, “Blog entries are generally written like a letter to someone: oriented to an audience, informal, first person narrative. It often reflects the author’s perspectives on issues. Comments to posts can act as a form of discussion”. Which is true it should feel like your talking to your reader like your speaking to a friend, and sharing intimate details of your life while also providing helpful information. It’s also interesting how in this article it’s explained how blog writing influences a students education by giving them extra reading practice, increases their sense of community in a class, while also encouraging them to participate. It’s overall just a great way to help a writer learn to write for their audience, as quoted from the article, “…they are always aware of their audience, and, as a result, write with their audience in mind.”

When it comes to my writing you may ask yourself what did I do to master this skill? I applied to internships, of course, many… many… internships. If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t qualify as I do now to get paid to write for some of these freelance companies I work with. “Society19” was my first ever unpaid internship, and then I worked for Your Tango that offered a stipend, and from there I went to “Lux Kurves”, to working with my first publishing agency, “Cozy Cat Press” to working at my temporary position at “Saachi Style” where I wrote jewelry descriptions. Of course, although I have a big resume, which I will present at the bottom along with other writing samples. I still don’t always get picked for positions, because the toughest thing about blog writing is, you just might not be the right fit. The companies that do pick me for my writing though have really helped me grow as a writer, helping me broaden my knowledge.

Down below is a link to my author page where all of my articles are located for Your Tango, along with a screenshot of some of references from my resume for blog writing.

Your Tango author page:

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